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What I need is...

massage franchise review

A business concept in a growing industry, that is profitable, easy to understand, and fun to own and operate.

Does that sound like your objective? If so then you should read the rest of this page and let us introduce you to the massage franchise business.

First let's give you some facts think about:

massage franchise review

Over 47 million American adults are receiving a massage each year

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates future growth at 20%

According to the International SPA Association:

2006 Revenue exceeded $9.4 billion Industry's average growth since 1999 is 22%

According to the American Massage Therapy Association

7 percent more American adults discussed massage therapy with their healthcare provider.

Baby Boomers have 75% more massages - and there is no bigger, faster growing, or richer group in America.

24% of all adult Americans had a massage in the last year.

34% of all adult American have received a massage in the last five years.

The demand for massage facilities is growing and you can be a part of this exciting personal service industry. But you have to decide will you go with a franchise and provide a proven model to your community or go it alone and reinvent the wheel. The franchise option combines the benefits of being the business owner without the headache of having to create all the systems, procedures and marketing for the business. If you would be better at running well designed business than documenting it you should explore the franchise option. Your up and running faster and franchises have a much better survival record than independently owned businesses. Studies vary but most put the failure rate of independent business in excess of 90% in the first 5 years. Your sales consultant can share the success level of the various concepts and we think you will be impressed.

Now is the time to ACT!

The demand is growing and the time is now to act on this opportunity. Fill out the form on the left and check the concepts that you have interest in and a sales consultant that can guide you through this world of opportunity. We can provide the detailed information and connect you to all the right people but you have to act now.

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